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Your website sells your business to your target market 24/7. Make sure all the information is in your website so a visitor buys your product or service there and then. You spend thousands of dollars on internet marketing and directing traffic to your website, don’t give them a reason to leave once you get them there.


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A succesful website comes when you combine a creative designer that has extensive experience in business, marketing, understands your target market and has vast knowledge of the Internet and sales. A designer who takes the time to know your business, see what has and hasn’t worked for you, sees the opportunities and implements them into the design.

It’s that someone that takes their time, tries different concepts, mulls over many ideas, spending many an hour, because they want the perfect product and look for you. It’s not about charging more money for extra time taken, (the price has already been quoted), it’s about taking time to make sure it is right, looks good and works for you..  

The next most important part of your web marketing is what happens next, which is the ongoing support. It’s the timely updates to your site, resolving email issues or just someone who is there to answer your phone call or email for an issue you are having.

Unfortunately many web designers come and go, and businesses are left in the lurch trying to find someone to assist them. Many designers are from overseas and are hard to contact and charge high fees to make the changes they need. A lot of websites are also designed in a certain format, or work only on their systems, and only the original designer can make the changes. So if they are no longer contactable, go out of business or you are not happy with their service, the only alternative is to go through the process and expense of having to create a whole new website.

This is where we are different.

Having been in business since 1995, we have been there for our customers and continue to this day to support them. Many of our clients have been with us for over 20 years. We have been there to update their websites, create new ones for them when needed, resolved their technical or software issues, or just been there to offer advice on things they are dealing with.

When our clients have something that needs attention, they don’t wait forever on the phone and get an overseas call centre that is impersonal, lacking knowledge and knows nothing about them or their business. They don’t wait days and weeks for email responses for matters that are urgent.

What our clients get with us is the same people that have helped them for many years. Someone local they can depend on and available 7 days a week, that answers phone calls and replies to emails immediately, that makes their changes to their website within the hour. Someone with extensive knowledge that knows them, knows their business, cares and helps, with good old fashioned service.

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